Search for David Cohen – but Recovered Angelina Cocuzza 5.1.16

Chief Thomas Yohnnson ran a random search for David Cohen in Southampton NJ, at the request of the family. We were hoping to bring some kind of answers forward for the family, and at the most, possibly closure. In the midst of searching in the rain and wind that day with several other dept’s. such as our close friends Greater Philly Search & Rescue & Philadelphia Recovery Dogs and Tabernacle Fire, we came upon the remains of Angelina Cocuzza. We had been out previously to search for her in the past a long with Lumberton Police Dept. back in 2013. At that point, we were left with an unsuccessful find. We were happy that this family will now have the closure they were hoping for. Thank you to all who were involved, working together makes a huge difference, and we are happy to be able to depend on these dept.’s in time of need.